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Wireless Access Points

Welcome to our online store, please feel free to contact us for any real time pricing, we are here to look after our local client base and we will price match where ever possible.

For a relaxing in store demo, please call 0508 AV SHOP.

  • LUX-XAP-1410 Hi Pwr AC1200 W/L
    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless AP - High Output Power (1000mW) for Maximum Coverage. Concurrent Dual-Band (2.4 GHz and 5GHz) Beamforming Technology. Single-Cable installation with PoE (injector included)
    NZ$ 790.00 each
  • LUX-XAP1510 Beamforming AC1900
    Beamforming AC1900 3x3 Dual Band AP High Power Outlet - High output power and leading-edge 802.11ac 3x3 Concurrent Dual-Band technology delivers data rates up to 1900Mbps
    NZ$ 900.00 each
  • LUX-XAP-1240 Hi Pwr W/Less 300
    High Power Wireless 300N Outdoor Access Point - High Output Power for Maximum Coverage, Weather Resistant Enclosure. Compatible with the Luxul WXC-1000 Wireless Controller
    NZ$ 680.00 each
  • LUX-XAP-1230 300n Access Point
    High Power Wireless 300N Commercial Grade Access Point - High Output Power (1000mW) for Maximum coverage. Multi-Stream 802.11n, Data Transfers of up to 300Mbps.
    NZ$ 880.00 each
  • LUX-XWO-BAP1 Hi Pwr AC1200 AP
    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band Outdoor Bridging AP - High Output Power for Maximum Coverage. Data Transfers up to 1200Mbps. Concurrent Dual-Band Wireless Up to 4 SSIDs per Band (8 total)
    NZ$ 1,100.00 each
  • LUX-XWO-BKT1 Hi Pwr AC1200 Kit
    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band Outdoor Bridge Kit - Dual-Band 2.4 and 5 GHz. Data transfers up to 1200Mbps. Bridge to Guest House, Boat Dock or Garage. Connect Gates and Cameras
    NZ$ 2,200.00 each
  • LUX-WS-100 AC1200 Whole Home
    AC1200 Whole home Wi-Fi System. This wireless router kit combines high output power and simple deployment. The Luxul WS-100 delivers high-speed 802.11ac whole-home wireless coverage and seamless client roaming for a truly exceptional Wi-Fi experience.
    NZ$ 1,150.00 kit
  • LUX-WS-250 AC3100 Whole Home
    AC3100 Whole Home WiFi System - This wireless router kit combines high output power and simple deployment. The Luxul WS-250 offers the Epic 3 dual-band wireless AC3100 gigabit router, and the high-power AC1900 XAP-1510 access point.
    NZ$ 1,650.00 kit
  • LUX-XAP-1440 High Power AC1200
    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band OutdoorWireless AP - The high-powered XAP-1440 employs 802.11ac technology to deliver superior Wi-Fi coverage and great data rates to outdoor areas.
    NZ$ 1,090.00 each
  • LUX-XAP-810 AC1200 Std Pwr Dua
    AC1200 Standard Power Dual-band Wireless Access Point. With leading-edge 802.11ac 2×2 Dual-Band technology and 5Ghz Beamforming, the XAP-810 delivers data rates up to 1200Mbps along with excellent wireless coverage for a world-class Wi-Fi experience.
    NZ$ 470.00 each
  • LUX-XWS-1810 Std Pwr AC1200
    Standard Power AC1200 Wireless Controller System. Seamless roaming of mobile devices between multiple access points.
    NZ$ 1,580.00 kit
  • LUX-XWS-2510 AC1900 W/less Con
    High Power AC1900 Wireless Controller Kit - includes 1 x XWC-1000, 2 x XAP-1510 AC1900 Dual-Band Wireless APs & PoE injectors.
    NZ$ 2,400.00 kit

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