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Welcome to our online store, please feel free to contact us for any real time pricing, we are here to look after our local client base and we will price match where ever possible.

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  • DENON-PMA-520 Integrated Amp
    The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-520 features a High-Current Single-Push-Pull circuitry to achieve both strength and detail in music playback, which is Denon’s focus for its pure audio amplifiers.
    NZ$ 799.00 each
  • DENON-PMA-720 Integrated Amp
    The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-720 is a thoroughly constructed mid range amplifier, which incorporates core elements of the Denon Hi-Fi sound tool box. Amongst others, this amplifier features a high-speed, high-capacity power supply.
    NZ$ 1,299.00 each
  • DENON-PMA-1520 Integrated Amp
    The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-1520′s remodelled Advanced UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit for instance or the twin transformers with leakage cancelling technology prove, that Denon always finds ways to advance their famed 2-channel products.
    NZ$ 3,199.00 each
  • DENON-PMA1600NE Integrated Amp
    The performance of the PMA-1600NE goes well beyond that of Denon’s previous PMA-1500 series. With its ultimate built-quality, unique Denon technologies and state-of-the-art connectivity, the PMA-1600NE truly is a masterpiece of sound technology. (Black)
    NZ$ 4,499.00 each
  • DENON-PMA-2020 Integrated Amp
    The Denon Integrated Amplifier PMA-2020 is an integrated amplifier that faithfully reproduces a wide range of music sources, from analogue record players to the most advanced sound sources from a PC.
    NZ$ 6,299.00 each
  • Denon Integrated Amplifier
    Denon PMA-1520AE Integrated Amplifier, 70W x2 into 8ohm or 140W x2 into 4ohm. Advanced UHC-MOS is an ideal amplifier whose power supply performance is superior to that of bipolar transistors and incorporates the sound quality advantages of MOS-FETs
    NZ$ 3,199.00 each

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