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Theophany Epiphany Kardia

Theophany Epiphany Kardia
Theophany Epiphany Kardia Book Shelf speaker (pair)
NZ$ 1,499.00 including GST
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Main Speaker

Epiphany means a sudden or great revelation and Kardia means heart

Our little Epiphany Kardia have a surprising amount of heart. While they look small sleek and elegant the amount of music to eminate from these lovely little speakers is surprising. 

They are ideal in a small room or beside a computer workstation if you like your music fix when working. They can be used in a home theatre or as a music speaker. You will hear things in your favourite tracks that you have never heard before. Where they really do surprise though is the amount of tight punchy bass that they produce. 

⊳ 4 ohm
⊳ 70 Watts RMS
⊳ 47hz - 25khz


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