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Vinyl playback can be significantly improved with the Clamp It, which connects the record tightly to the platter to reduce unwanted resonances. The clamp mechanism tightens around the centre spindle of your turntable without adding much weight.
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Functional and easy to use sound improvement!

Standard record pucks (which use weight to achieve this) have some disadvantages:

1) The weight can induce higher levels of rumble when used with lower cost turntables having less massive main bearings.

2) Instead of tightening the records surface to the platter, heavy weight record pucks can cause the opposite: Vinyl will become shaped like a bowl with no contact of the outer edges of the record to the platter.

Both will affect the sound negatively.

Clamp-It is the real solution, an accessory with a clamp mechanism around the centre spindle, that will not add weight, which would induce rumble. You can fine-adjust pressure according to the condition of your records. Fitting of Clamp-It is easily done within seconds. This accessory will not only please your ears, its beautifully machined diamond-cut edges will also look extremely cool on any turntable!

Please note: this works on ALL turntables and not just ones with threaded spindles.

Your vinyl sound can be significantly improved by coupling your vinyl and platter surfaces effectively. Here's what the Clamp-It offers:

  • Sound improvement for all turntables
  • Reduces unwanted resonances during playback
  • Fast and easy to mount
  • Fine-adjustment of tightening force
  • Full metal construction with leather base
  • Diamond cut finish
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Shipping Width 0.11m
Shipping Depth 0.11m
Shipping Weight 0.14kg
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