JADEC2 Wharfedale Jade Cnt Spk - Deleted stock

JADEC2 Wharfedale Jade Cnt Spk
  • JADEC2 Wharfedale Jade Cnt Spk
Wharfedale | Centre Speaker – Jade-C2 Includes the Wharfedale Aperiodic system, which controls the damping of resonance. Other benefits are that any wind noise or ‘chuffing’ is completely absent.
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Jade-C2 is the largest centre speaker from the Wharfedale Jade series. 

The Jade-C2 includes the Wharfedale Aperiodic system, which controls the damping of resonance. Other benefits are that any wind noise or ‘chuffing’ is completely absent and there is no mid-range ‘leak’ from the inside of the cabinet. As a result of the Aperiodic tuning, the speakers produce an extended bass range, which has terrific articulation and clarity.

Engineered to offer something beyond the ordinary and to be considered an exceptional music reproduction instrument, each Wharfedale loudspeaker must meet a number of exacting standards. Jade is the newest audiophile class speaker design from Wharfedale that incorporates the latest improvements in loudspeaker technology and production from Wharfedale’s in-house design. Computer-aided modelling and precision tooling is used to produce the highest levels of performance of our loudspeakers to ensure they can provide its owners a lifetime of indulgence.

The Jade series improves on Wharfedale’s famous multi-braced MDF curved cabinet construction by incorporating the latest material technology developed by its engineers. It is also equipped with new bass and mid-range drive units engineered with a specially designed cone material which combines the responsiveness of glass and carbon fibre materials with a self-damping woven matrix. As a result, every detail from the analogue or digital music source can be heard, from the loudest transient to the micro-harmonics of individual instruments, with crystal clear clarity – the essence of Wharfedale Jade.

Cabinet finishes

The Jade-C2 is available in Piano Gloss Black.

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