LINN-EXAKTBOX-10CH-AKURATE Linn Akurate Exaktbox - Linn Exaktbox

LINN-EXAKTBOX-10CH-AKURATE  Linn Akurate Exaktbox
  • LINN-EXAKTBOX-10CH-AKURATE  Linn Akurate Exaktbox
LINN-EXAKTBOX-10CH-AKURATE Linn Akurate Exaktbox
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Akurate Exaktbox

Intelligent digital crossover and DAC

Akurate Exaktbox delivers all the benefits of Exakt technology to your current speakers, and because it’s software-upgradeable, it can be used to upgrade your system in the future, even if you change your speakers.

Providing unprecedented flexibility, Akurate Exaktbox is available in two versions: 10-channel for speakers up to 5-way, and 6-channel for speakers up to 3-way. Both versions feature the Katalyst DAC Architecture derived from our flagship Klimax range, letting you experience an even greater insight into your music.

  • Exakt digital crossover with 6 or 10 channels of DAC
  • Features Katalyst DAC Architecture
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analogue outputs
  • Exakt Link connections for connection to Exakt-ready network music player
  • 6-channel version supports up to 3-way speakers
  • 10-channel version supports up to 5-way speakers
  • Linn Dynamik power supply

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