LINN-DS-SEKRIT Linn Sekrit DS Player Int Amp - Network Streamers

LINN-DS-SEKRIT  Linn Sekrit DS Player Int Amp
LINN-DS-SEKRIT Linn Sekrit DS Player Int Amp
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Linn | Sekrit DS

Sekrit Music DS combines the convenience of a network music player with Linn's experience, expertise and commitment to high quality music reproduction.

With on-board volume control and a built-in power amplifier, add Sekrit DS to your home network and connect your loudspeakers to enjoy the best quality reproduction of your music available from a network music player.

Now with Space Optimisation, Tidal integration and Spotify Connect

Sekrit Music DS supports all popular digital music formats and plays all high quality audio sample rates and bit depths natively. Sneaky DS has a custom-designed up-sampling engine which reduces noise and signal distortion, ensuring you get the best possible reproduction of your music files.

Enjoy high quality internet radio streams and podcasts, as well as the latest online and on-demand music services, with a level of sound reproduction which far exceeds a home computer.

Select your favourite interface for your computer, tablet or smartphone and enjoy album art and playlist control of your entire music collection from anywhere in your home.

Sekrit Music DS shares the same technology platform as all Linn DS players, with regular software updates from Linn adding features and improving sound quality.

Available in silver or black, Sekrit Music DS is compact and flexible enough to bring high quality music reproduction to any room in your home.

Technical Specifications

Audio Sample Rates 7.35 k, 8 k, 11.025 k, 12 k, 14.7 k, 16 k, 22.05 k, 24 k, 29.4 k, 32 k, 44.1 k, 48 k, 88.2 k, 96 k, 176.4 k, 192 k
Word Depths 16 – 24 bits
Ethernet Interface 100Base-t rJ45
Control Protocol Compatible with upnp™ media servers
UPnP™ aV 1.0 control points
Local Control RS232 x 2 rJ11
Connector Types Optical digital output 
Coaxial digital output 
RCA phono

Line outputs 
RCA phono

Speaker outputs
Inverted safety 4 mm BFA sockets
Speaker Outputs Inverted safety 4 mm Bfa sockets
Output Impedance Line outputs 
300 Ω
Speaker outputs 
0.06 Ω
Output Voltage Line outputs 
2.8 V peak, 2 V rms (0 dBfs)
Speaker outputs 
15 V peak, 10 V rms (0 dBfs, 16.6 dB gain, vol. 79)
Output Offset Line outputs 
< 2 mV
Speaker outputs 
< 3 mV
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44.5mm x 345mm x 274mm
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lb)

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