Theophany Psallo Tower Speakers - Floorstanding Speakers

Theophany Psallo Tower Speakers
Theophany Psallo Tower Speakers
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Theophany | Psallo Tower

Main Speaker

This is our Psallo Tower. Psallo (sa-low) means to sing. We believe the name represents very well the capability of these remarkable little speakers.

In this new model of the Psallo Tower we have changed to a new model tweeter that is smoother and more accurate. New bass woofers extend lower and tighter and a new crossover balances the mix from 32hz to 30khz. A new form of internal wadding material and a new port design allow this speaker to be more musical and engaging than ever before.

Once again the remarkable cabinet design ties the whole package together bringing the reality of great music into your home.

⊳ 4 ohm
⊳ 150watts RMS
⊳ 32hz - 33khz

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