Triad MFS-BDL4 Remote Sub for Cabinet Integration

Triad MFS-BDL4 Remote Sub for Cabinet Integration.
700w 8" with Square Grille (Can be painted)
Triad's remotely-mounted Mini and Silver FlexSubs deliver deep, compelling bass with minimal visual impact. These specially engineered speakers provide precise audio reproduction without the awkward bulk that most bass boxes impose. The FlexSub, named for its flexible installation options, has a damped, expandable, coiled tube that mounts in a hidden area and terminates with a small grill or vent, allowing the subwoofer enclosure to be installed remotely.

These speakers can install behind a ceiling, cabinet toekick, baseboard, wall, or crawl space, allowing easy incorporation even when multiple FlexSubs are desired. This speaker delivers unmatched performance with studio-grade drivers and sealed, internally braced enclosures.
NZ$ 3,659.99 including GST
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