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Copland CTA-408 integrated amp
  • Copland CTA-408 integrated amp
Copland CTA-408 integrated amp
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There is nothing like an excellent tube amplifier. An amplifier that simultaneously offer a midrange that is open and clear, highs with an unconstrained mobility and acceleration, and a deep, tight and free flowing bass reproduction.

The CTA408 Integrated Amplifier is intended for those who prefer the ease of a single chassis amplification, still wanting the performance of separates. It offers such amenities as separate MC and MM phono inputs, Monitoring in/outputs, Headphone amplifier and a startup procedure that vastly prolongs the tube life.

Inside the CTA408.

* Driver stage tubes supported by MOSFET circuitry.

* Numerous individual power supplies, designed to operate with constant power, thereby isolating power stage fluctuations from entering the input stages and eliminating reverse modulation towards the AC supply grid.

* Dedicated Class A headphone amplifier, (speaker output mutes on headphone insertion)

* Excellent J-FET- Phono-amplifier. Active RIAA equalization employing more than one hundred discrete components inside a noise-shielding box of its own.

* The output transformers are Copland in-house design, fine-tuned for optimal power bandwidth. The massive core size of the transformers prevents core saturation, and they are able to transfer full power well below 20Hz to the loudspeakers with a minimum of phase shift. Multiple layers of interleaving wires ensures a superb linearity. The extended high frequency performance reduces the requirements for internal lag compensation after the amplifiers 15dB negative feedback loop is closed.

* The amplifier power plant is based on the KT150 power valves. These valves are a new variant of the legendary 6550/KT88 and in the CTA408, they surely demonstrate that the everlasting sound qualities of tubes can be extended into regions nowadays dominated by solid stage designs.​

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