Panasonic 20W Microsystem - Bluetooth, CD, USB - Mini Systems

Panasonic Micro System 2ch, 20W, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Re-master, CD, USB, AM/FM Radio, D. Bass, Surround Sound Mode
NZ$ 259.99 including GST
NZ$ 226.08 excluding GST
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Audio that looks good and sounds good

The HC200 sports a slim design, yet it delivers surprisingly expansive, clear sound. With access to all the modern music sources you would expect from premium audio, it also facilitates nostalgic listening with CD and Radio capabilities. Experience stylish home audio without an exorbitant price tag.

Slim Stylish Compact Micro System SC-HC200GN-K
Slim & compact design
Pure, distortion-free sound
Variety of music sources
  • 1200W Tower Minisystem - Bluetooth, CD, USB
    NZ$ 849.99 each
    NZ$ 739.12 excl GST
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  • 300W Tower Minisystem with Battery
    NZ$ 599.99 each
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  • 150w Tower Party Speaker
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  • 2000W 2 Channel BT/CD/USB Minisystem with Airquake Bass
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  • 40W Micro System with Wifi & Chromecast
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  • 2.1ch 360w Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Sub
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  • Panasonic 2.1ch Soundbar with Wifi, Chromecast and Wireless Sub
    NZ$ 680.00 each
    NZ$ 591.30 excl GST
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  • 240W 2.1ch Soundbar with HDMI ARC & Wireless Subwoofer
    NZ$ 450.00 each
    NZ$ 391.30 excl GST
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  • 2.1ch 160w Soundbar with Built In Subwoofer
    NZ$ 450.00 each
    NZ$ 391.30 excl GST
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  • 80W 2ch Soundbar with HDMI
    NZ$ 249.99 each
    NZ$ 217.38 excl GST
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