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300W Tower Minisystem with Battery
Panasonic 300W Portable Tower Minisystem - Bluetooth, USB, FM, Multi LED Lighting, upto 10hr Battery, DJ Jukebox with Sample & Effect Set, Full Karaoke, 20cm Woofer with Airquake Bass
NZ$ 599.99 including GST
NZ$ 521.73 excluding GST
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POWERFULL BASS SOUND PRESURE. 300W (30% RMS) output with 20cm woofer with dual drive and two 6cm tweeters, plus AIRQUAKE BASS for even deeper bass. Multicolour Illumination produces colourful light to enhance the powerful sound. One-box compact body equiped with built in battery, giving you greater freedom to set a party anywhere.

Wireless Speaker System SC-TMAX20GSK
Amazing Sound Pressure
20cm Woofer with Dual Drive / AIRQUAKE BASS
Easy Carry & Compact Design
Easy Carry Design / Built-in battery
Amazing Function for Party
Request songs using MAX Juke App
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