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B&W 704-S2 Floorstanding Spkr
Looks can be deceiving. Despite its slim dimensions, the 704 S2 has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies such as a dedicated Continuum cone FST midrange. Gloss Black, Satin White, or Rosenut.
NZ$ 6,499.00 including GST
NZ$ 5,651.30 excluding GST
B&W 704-S2
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Carbon Dome™ tweeter
Carbon Dome™ tweeters are a brand new technology purpose-built for the 700 Series. Delivering a dramatic improvement on the aluminium double-dome tweeter, they raise the breakup threshold to 47kHz, for pinpoint imaging accuracy and detail.

Continuum™ Cone
First introduced with the 800 Series Diamond, the Continuum™ cone represents the biggest step-change in midrange performance since Kevlar®. Its woven, coated material provides highly controlled break-up, resulting in a more open, neutral midrange.

Decoupled midrange
The midrange driver in the floor-standers feature a decoupled design, adapted from a similar system in the 800 Series Diamond. Decoupling reduces cabinet colouration, and boosts midrange clarity.

Aerofoil™ Profile bass cone
Developed using advanced computer modeling techniques, the Aerofoil™ Profile bass cone has a variable thickness, providing stiffness and rigidity where it’s needed most. The result: deep and dynamic bass.

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