PMC Stand for Twenty/Twenty5 Series - Black - Speaker Mounting Brackets & Stands

PMC Stand for Twenty/Twenty5 Series - Black
  • PMC Stand for Twenty/Twenty5 Series - Black
PMC Stand for Twenty/Twenty5 Series - Black
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Speakers not included.

The dedicated twenty stand has been engineered to optimise the imaging, dynamics and overall tonal balance by using a blend of an ultra-rigid structure and resonance absorbing materials. The front tube can be filled to ‘tune’ the stand providing not only greater stability and mass but better bass definition. The rear tube is internally damped and allows cables to be passed through, ensuring a clean elegant line is maintained.

These stands use twin columns, with the same five degrees slant as the cabinets of the PMC twenty series. They also have metal/rubber/metal top-plates and baseplates for better damping. The front column of the stands can be filled with loading material, while the rear one provides a cable-management channel. They stand at 610mm tall.

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