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Welcome to our online store, please feel free to contact us for any real time pricing, we are here to look after our local client base and we will price match where ever possible.

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  • B&W M1-STAND-BLK (Pair)
    Designed for the M-1 Satellite Speaker; position your M-1 on its own floor-length stand.
    NZ$ 699.00 pair
  • B&W M1 Satellite Speaker
    Sleek, compact, yet packing a powerful punch, the Bowers & Wilkins Satellite Speaker M-1 can be used on its own, with a subwoofer in a 2.1 system, or as the backbone of our Mini Theatre systems.
    NZ$ 599.00 pair
    This is the Back Box designed especially for the Bowers & Wilkins Custom Series CWM Cinema 7, a 2½-way in-wall speaker that offers the audio quality of a high-quality stand-alone model. *CWM Cinema 7 sold separately.
    NZ$ 499.00 each
  • B&W CCM-THEATRE Home Theatre
    The Bowers & Wilkins Home Theatre Pack – CCM Theatre consists of 5 single CCM632 speakers in white and 1 ASW608 subwoofer in black or white. 120mm Diameter cut out size, 100mm depth behind surface, comes with back box for sound isolation and optimisation.
    NZ$ 3,794.00 kit
  • B&W MT-50 Mini Theatre Spk
    Big movie sound doesn’t necessarily require a blockbuster budget. Our entry-level Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre System MT-50 delivers both great value and a truly immersive cinematic soundscape. This system swaps the PV1D for our compact ASW608 subwoofer.
    NZ$ 3,999.00 kit
  • B&W MT-60D Mini Theatre Spk
    The Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre System MT-60D twins M-1 speakers with the stunning power and control of a PV1D subwoofer to create a sound that will keep you gripped, right up until the final frame.
    NZ$ 6,499.00 kit
  • B&W CWM-CINEMA7 In-Wall Spk
    The Bowers & Wilkins | In-Wall Speaker CWM Cinema 7 is designed for use as a front left, centre or right speaker – for serious power and audio quality, with simple installation.
    NZ$ 1,999.00 each
  • B&W CT8-DS Surround Speaker
    The CT8 DS is a dedicated surround speaker, that provides the option for users to select either dipole or monopole options depending on the type of room in which it is used.
    NZ$ 20,999.00 pair
  • B&W CT8-LR Front Channel Spk
    The CT8 LR is probably the most technologically advanced, custom installation home theatre speaker the world has ever seen or heard.
    NZ$ 29,999.00 pair
  • B&W CT8-CC Centre Speaker
    The CT8 CC is the perfect centre speaker for the ultimate home theatre experience. The same driver line up as the CT8 LR make for a seamless experience.
    NZ$ 29,999.00 each
  • B&W CM-CENTRE-S2 Centre Spk
    The CM Series doesn’t just make music sound beautiful, it’s superb for home cinema too. Bowers & Wilkins Centre Speaker CM Centre S2 is ideal for all but the largest of rooms.
    NZ$ 1,299.00 each
  • B&W CM-CENTRE2-S2 Centre Spk
    If you want to get the most from your movies, Bowers & Wilkins Centre Speaker CM Centre 2 S2 handles even the most demanding audio moments, in the largest of home cinema set-ups, beautifully.
    NZ$ 2,199.00 each
  • B&W DS3 Surround Speaker
    The Bowers & Wilkins Surround Speaker DS3 is a wall-mounted surround speaker that can operate in either ‘dipole’ or ‘monopole’ modes, to create an authentic all-enveloping effect of the auditorium in a large space.
    NZ$ 1,599.00 pair
  • B&W HTM1-D3 Centre Channel Spk
    The HTM1 D3 is the perfect centre for people who demand the very best in home theatre performance.
    NZ$ 9,999.00 each
  • B&W HTM2-D3 Centre Channel Spk
    The highly capable HTM2 D3 centre speaker is the ideal partner for the smaller speakers in the 800 Series Diamond range.
    NZ$ 7,499.00 each
  • B&W CT8-SW Subwoofer
    This passive Bowers & Wilkins | Subwoofer CT8 SW is designed to be used with the CT8 LR front channel speaker.
    NZ$ 10,499.00 each
  • B&W CT82-LCR Speaker
    The CT8.2 LCR’s unique modular baffle design allows for it to be used as a LCR speaker in either vertical or horizontal positions.\r\n
    NZ$ 12,499.00 pair
  • Theophany Epiphany Lalia
    Theophany Epiphany Lalia Small Centre
    NZ$ 1,199.00 each
  • Theophany-Epiphany-Satellite System 5 x Epiphany Kathar
    NZ$ 2,999.00 kit
  • Theophany Psallo Lalia Centre
    NZ$ 1,399.00 each
  • Theophany Psuche Kathar
    Theophany Psuche Kathar Surround Speaker
    NZ$ 2,500.00 pair
  • Theophany Psuche Lalia Centre
    Theophany Psuche Lalia Centre Speaker
    NZ$ 2,299.00 each

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