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Perlisten Subwoofer 2kW Amp 1x 380mm Driver
  • Perlisten Subwoofer 2kW Amp 1x 380mm Driver
Perlisten Subwoofer 2kW Amp 1x 380mm Driver (Each)
NZ$ 8,495.00 including GST
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Perlisten D15S Subwoofer

The Perlisten D15S Subwoofer has a Small footprint, big sound. Benefiting from many of the technologies of the Perlisten flagship subs, these sealed subs generate amazing performance in the smallest footprint. Low Q, shallow roll-off response geared for sound quality and smoothly integrating into the listening room.

Also, a great choice for using multiple subs to optimize in room response and smooth out seat-to-seat variation. The Perlisten D15S Subwoofer is the smallest single sub certified THX Dominus available on earth. Powerd by Perlisten’s 2.0kW amplifier, all functions and safeties are controlled by a 48-bit data bath DSP and 32-bit ARM M4 Cortex processor, able to react in microseconds, powerful enough to slam.

Ground up drivers developed by their team of engineers. Carbon fiber composite diaphragms, multiple aluminum shorting rings, massive magnets, multi-layer Nomex spiders and lightweight aluminum voice coil wire are the key ingredients – Proprietary nonlinear modeling techniques allow them to simulate all these components and then optimize for real world driver performance – free air and in box.

Further refinement is done with the aid of Klippel laser measurements to dial things in.

The Perlisten D15S Subwoofer shares the 2.4” LCD touchscreen display and ability to control advance settings using the Perlisten App.


With home theater, sound is everything. Crisp clean audio drives the emotional depth, texture and immediacy envisioned by the artist. THX Certified Loudspeakers pass hundreds of lab tests to guarantee precisely this level of performance every time.

D-Series THX Certified Dominus Subwoofers

Alignment Acoustic suspension
Amplifier 2.0kW rms short term
Display Interface 2.4″ LCD color touchscreen
App iOS and Android
Processor 32-bit ARM Cortex M4, double precision floating point math
DSP Engine Ti DSP 48-bit data paths
Driver compliment 380mm, Carbon fiber diaprhragm
+/-30mm linear excursion
Reference sensitivity 92dB / 150mV/ 1.0m
Frequency Response
Boost (Large Room) EQ
Cut (Small Room) EQ
20-320Hz (-6dB) / 16-395Hz (-10dB)
16-320Hz (-6dB) / 14-395Hz (-10dB)
24-320Hz (-6dB) / 18-395Hz (-10dB)
Inputs (2) Balanced XLR
(2) Unbalanced RCA
Outputs (2) Balanced XLR unbuffered
(2) Unbalanced RCA unbuffered
Parametric EQ 10-Band PEQ with 3 user presets
Low Pass filter Bypass, 30-160Hz, slope 6,12,18,24dB/oct
Phase Variable 0-270°
Polarity Normal / inverted
Configurable Auto turn-on and 12v Trigger XLR 1, XLR 1+2, RCA 1, RCA 1+2
Dimensions (HxWxD) 528 x 500 x 500mm
20.8 x 19.7 x 19.7″
Weight 46.0 kg (101.2 lbs.)
Certification THX Dominus
Available finishes Piano black

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