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Theophany Psuche Kardia
Theophany Psuche Kardia Main Speaker
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Psuche (su-kay) means soul and Kardia means heart. The second set of speakers that we ever built when we started was the M5. The Psuche Kardia are the replacement for them. They have been the heart and soul of our business for many years so we felt the name was very appropriate. We also believe they will become the heart and soul of your two channel system or home theatre.

This new model of the Psuche Kardia have many new features. They are narrower at the front and 50mm taller. This improves the airflow and increases separation and detail. 

The Tweeter and Bass Woofers have been improved, enriching both the lows and highs of the speaker. The new Psuche is faster, tighter cleaner and more importantly more real and uncoloured musically. We have also developed an entirely new crossover which balances tone through the entire frequency spectrum. 

⊳ 4 ohms
⊳ 250 watts RMS
⊳ 29hz - 37khz


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